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Value Engineering
What is it?

In the design process, quality and efficiency of new build developments are always at the forefront of our minds and as a company, we want our clients to get the very best out of their projects which is why we will be offering a Value Engineering service to create the most cost effective solution to fulfil a building’s functional and aesthetic requirement.

Deciding which is the best-value approach is a collaborative process involving the client, architect, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers. By working together, project teams can identify and overcome design issues, explore alternative solutions, and assess a variety of pricing options. This allows all parties to better understand the project needs and the consequences of each design decision. By basing their choices on the functionality provided by a particular solution, an architect can minimise unnecessary expenditure and produce a higher value-to-cost ratio for the client.

What will the service involve?

We are witnessing that more and more development opportunities are coming to market with the benefit of having gained a planning permission on the land. However, the design of the site layouts and the properties are not always designed with cost in mind. The service that we can provide, will consist of reviewing the planning approved/proposed designs of the house types/apartments that the client is considering constructing. The overview will provide suggestions to improve the designs of the properties, whilst considering the best methods of construction to improve the buildability of the dwellings.

After careful consideration, the client will be provided with a written report, detailing the suggestions for each property, which will complemented by annotated drawings for each house type highlighting the suggested amendments.

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