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Soulla Rose discusses how she has adjusted to working-from-home life

26 May 2020 | News | By admin


Following her recent promotion from Senior Designer, to Planning Manager, Soulla Rose, talks to us about how she has adjusted to working-from-home life.

During the unforeseen and unprecedented conditions in which I, and I’m sure countless professionals alike, have found themselves over recent months, MPSL as a company have remained steadfast in our dedication to the continuity of meeting the requirements of our clients. To transition suddenly, and yet continue to offer a ‘business as usual’ service, in spite of what would have previously been unthinkable restrictions, has been really quite remarkable.
The implementation of modern technology, by way of virtual platforms, has allowed us to continue daily company meetings, and face to face interaction with clients and consultants alike, a satisfying justification of our ongoing commitment to technological evolution (“evolution or extinction”, as they say).

For me personally, the transition from our usual office environment, to our current remote and virtual operations from home, has not been without its’ challenges however, I have never previously experienced being dragged from my workstation by a two year old wanting to take over whilst I’m working on an application submission, or participating in a conference call whilst being comically summoned from the bottom of the stairs, for example.

In contrast to these challenges however, I have received an injection of positivity, and pride, with the promotion from Senior Designer, to Planning Manager. I have worked tirelessly and dedicated myself to the success of MPSL for nearing two decades, and to receive this promotion, particularly during times of such widespread adversity, is a personal achievement which I am extremely proud of.

I look forward to returning to the office in due course, and restoring normality in terms of daily routine. It is exciting to anticipate how the use of available technologies can be further integrated going forward, evolving our working practice, holding more virtual meetings, and contributing to a reduction of our overall carbon footprint.

I am eager to reunite as a team, and embark on this next stage of my career, continuing to serve our clients in the most productive and effective way possible.