Apprenticeship Success: Alex Brickles Discusses His Journey With MPSL

“Being an apprentice at MPSL Planning and Design was a great experience. I was presented with a number of opportunities to develop my skills, as well as being able to work closely with our clients to be able to get a better understanding of the industry.”

“As many other school leavers I didn’t really have an idea of what line of work I wanted to get myself into, the opportunity came up to come in for an interview at MPSL and that is where I have been working and learning since, going out to college one day a week to earn my qualification.

After 2 years, I passed my HNC in Construction and the Built Environment I began to feel more confident in myself while working on jobs. Having this new confidence allowed me to work on much bigger projects and feel more confident while working.

I was able to complete my qualification with full support from the company, while also working on various projects.

Having worked here for 6 years now, I am continuing to learn and pick up new skills, even after gaining my qualification. Hopefully, over the next 5 years, I can gain more experience and knowledge within the industry.”

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