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MPSL Easter Egg Appeal

25 March 2024 | News | By Nick Brown

This Easter, we are excited to crack open a heart-warming initiative alongside our fellow Stanley Square businesses! We’re joining forces to launch a company-wide Easter egg collection drive, with all donations going directly to the Trafford South Food Bank.

The Trafford South Food Bank plays a crucial role in our community, providing vital assistance to families and individuals facing food insecurity. By collecting Easter eggs, we aim to go beyond just providing sustenance. These delicious treats can bring a much-needed smile and a touch of Easter magic to those who might otherwise struggle to celebrate the holiday.

More Than Just Chocolate:

At MPSL, we’re committed to fostering a strong sense of community and social responsibility. This Easter egg drive isn’t just about collecting chocolate; it’s about empathy, collaboration, and spreading joy.

Here’s why this initiative is so close to our hearts:

Supporting Local Heroes: The Trafford South Food Bank is a lifeline for countless families in our area. By contributing to their Easter efforts, we’re directly helping those less fortunate enjoy the holiday.

Building Stronger Bonds: This drive allows us to collaborate with our fellow Stanley Square businesses. It’s a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our connections and create a positive impact together.

Spreading the Spirit of Easter: Easter is a time for joy, family, and of course, delicious treats. We believe everyone deserves to experience that joy, and through this drive, we can help make that happen.