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Olivia McNulty Joins MPSL

8 October 2022 | News | By Samantha Garry
New Team Member

Olivia recently joined MPSL, after graduating from Salford University in Architectural Design and Technology

After noticing MPSL offered a position for an Assistant Architectural Technician, I jumped at the opportunity and it wasn’t long after, that I met up with the directors of the company. The muti-disciplinary firm works towards developing areas and contributing towards improving communities, a topic I have always been passionate about.

The team at MPSL hold many different backgrounds in the construction industry, justifying the years of success that the company has attained. What caught my attention right away was the longevity in the office, it confirmed to me that I wanted to join this team.

As a recent graduate and this being my first opportunity in the industry, I was doubtful towards my addition to the team, but I have never felt so welcomed into a workplace before, regardless of my experience. Knowing that MPSL are involved with the clients from the initial concepts through to completion, I knew this would give me an idea of what stages I would enjoy the most. I chose this career path after following my interest in construction and eagerness for improvement. I studied architectural design and technology at university, where I was taught a little about a lot. I am thrilled with the opportunity I have been given at MPSL, assisting the technicians with daily tasks. It means that every day is a learning day for me, and as someone who aspires to be a professional at what I do, each day at work is better than the day before.

As a young adult, I am happy to have lived in the city since I left sixth form as I’m a strong believer in breaking comfort zones. This is something I live by every day; I want to be able to look back and have experienced everything I possibly could. Joining MPSL, I feel I have started a new chapter and I’m beyond excited to progress in many ways.

Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors, but I can also appreciate a night in, following a new recipe. I’m super close with my family and often take a trip back home to visit them, it doesn’t get much better than walking the dogs around the village and coming home to a family night. Overall, I believe nothing is forever and because of that, you should live in the moment!