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Social value at the heart of every design

As an architecture, planning and design studio, we at MPSL spend a large amount of time striving to deliver quality designs with a significant focus on how we can add value in everything we do.

We focus on considering three key areas when working on a project including the economic, environmental and social impacts of design. Where economic and environmental impacts have always been quantifiable and measurable, social value has tended to take more of a backseat as many organisations have struggled to understand and define what it is.

Social values are not a new concept, but since The Government 2012 Social Value Act was introduced, there has been increased pressure on businesses to put social values at the forefront of their mind.


Ensuring that we add social values into our projects is a vital element of MPSL’s work. Social value calls upon both the client, and the design team, to consider how a project can deliver not just a particular development itself, but also how the project might improve the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the relevant area.

Social value is moving further up the agenda, with a shift in emphasis, from purely economic, to the broader socio-economic value of a project.

As designers, our primary role is to create both successful buildings, and places, which ultimately support and compliment the communities they serve. In order to ensure the long term success of a project, social value must be embedded into the heart of the design.


We strongly believe that it is our obligation (and the obligation of every business) to minimising the impact of daily activities on the environment as much as possible, so as to reduce the overall carbon footprint imposed. As a company, we utilise resources efficiently, in order to reduce waste, and limit our daily environmental impact. We have recently switched to a green energy source, supplied by a UK generated 100% renewable energy provider, and actively encourage all staff members to car pool, take public transport, or cycle where possible. All of our supplies are sourced locally, with a constant focus on minimising the detrimental impact of avoidable logistics.


The happiness and wellbeing of those impacted by the places and spaces we create, is of pivotal importance to us. This works to guide, and influence some of the key design decisions we make, ensuring that we are able to provide an ever improving environmental impact on the communities which our projects serve.  We are also proud to offer sponsorship to several local organisations and sports teams, as well as donating our time, and money, towards coaching initiatives for community groups.


We are extremely passionate about providing equal opportunities for all people, irrespective of their individual background, orientation, culture or creed. We work closely with local education and training providers, offering support and work experience opportunities, having provided a number of successful apprenticeship placements to date. We value the importance of raising the aspirations, and bridging the gap for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, supporting people to navigate a clearer pathway towards our profession, and enabling all people to succeed in reaching their full potential.

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